Guardian homes


Guardian homes wanted for golden retriever or golden doodle pups.

What is a guardian home? This is an opportunity for a person or family to get the pick of the litter, puppy or dog, that is considered for breeding by Boulderpuppies. Because only so many dogs can be loved as part of our family, and to avoid not having any of the dogs in our breeding program not be treated in the way they deserve, we occasionally place potential breeding females in a "Guardian Home" where they are raised as a part of the Guardian's family while Boulderpuppies maintains breeding rights. The price of the puppy would be reimbursed to the guardian family over the breeding life of the dog. In addition the family will receive a compensation of $1000 for each time there is a litter. Once a year, from age 2 to around age 7 ( breeders discretion), the female will stay at "The Homestead" for 8 weeks to have her puppies and to care for them . All costs associated with breeding would be covered by the breeder. Also it is an opportunity to be involoved in the process, especially precious experience for kids.

Boulder puppies will guarantee that Guardian Homes receive the highest quality dogs and are compensated for their involvement.

The dogs remain with their Guardian family for their lifetime. It does take a commitment and flexibility on the part of the guardian family. Do not consider this position if there is a chance you may be moving out of the Colorado Front Range. The agreement would be in form of a contract that would need to be followed until the female is retired. Once their breeding career is over, the dogs are neutered, and full ownership is turned over to the Guardian family.