I just wanted to brag about Django. He is the dog I'd always hoped to have; spirited, playful, intelligent and always loving. He is an incredible athlete with agility and stamina not usually found in a larger dog. During a recent trip to the vet for his shots, the doctor said he is a perfect example of why the two breeds were crossed as the finest traits of both are typified in the Goldendoodle.

Django is a natural ham and is extremely photogenic. I've actually had people ask me to have their picture taken with him! The definitive "chick magnet", he commands attention wherever we go and loves being the center of attention.
From time to time I'll run into Todd B. here in Silverthorne who owns Django's sister from the prior litter. She also is a beautiful animal and another example of a superior cross breed and yet another testament to your skill as a breeder. Anyone fortunate enough to own a Doodle from Boulder Puppies can expect the happiest, healthiest dog they'll ever own. Thank you, Marylou!


Camper is such a great puppy! He loves his crate and house training is going really well. He's really smart and catches onto things very quickly. He has a sweet personality and interacts really nicely with all kinds of people. Thank you for all the beautiful work you did in raising the litter in the first 2 months. The introduction to the crate; exposure to kids and people; and exposure to the doggy door have made these early transition days go very smoothly. Serena


I wanted to send you a BIG THANK YOU! We have absolutely fallen in love with Mila as have all of our neighbors. She's become quite the star in the neighborhood-- the ice cream shop, Little Man, even featured her on their website! She's spoiled rotten and enjoys playing at the park with her sister. She is BEAUTIFUL. At this stage, she resembles a big polar bear pup :) She's been a delight to train as her intelligence is remarkably high. We look forward to seeing her grow, learn and continue to adjust to city living. She is a true joy.
Thank you for allowing us to welcome her into our home! Kelsey



I wanted to tell you how WONDERFUL of a puppy Benson has been. I have been so blessed with him. He is well behaved, loving, affectionate, fun, and definitely the cutest dang pup I have ever seen. I am complimented on walks, dog parks, restaurants, anywhere I take Benson on how beautiful (or handsome) he is. I have given your information to more people than I can count. I cannot thank you enough for giving me the best pup I could have ever asked for! I look forward to working with you again in the future!


Thank you so much. Roxy did amazing on the long car ride home. My boys and I stayed home today to bond with her and to start some training and we are having a great day. She is great about going potty right when we take her out. Which is great because of the cold!

 I can't tell you how happy we are that we chose Boulder Puppies. I love seeing and knowing and seeing the great family she comes from. It's so wonderful to see your whole family involved in your business. We appreciate you opening your home up to us too! The whole process was just great! We ,would highly recommend you and we promise to take good care of her by training her! We love Roxy so much already! Thanks again! Marcy


Dear Boulder puppies,
How are things? I just wanted to give you an update on our puppy. She is almost a year now and has really settled down. She is so loving and has become a big help around the house. We have never owned such a great dog. She is so gentle with everyone and well mannered. We have raised her with a soft hand as you requested. :)
Thanks again!


Just wanted to tell you how much we are enjoying BELLA. She is such a sweet girl and so smart she amazes us every day! Thank you again for her. Randy and Lee


I hope you are doing well! I just wanted to give you a update on Oakley. She was a little timid and shy when I first brought her home but she's adjusted really well and getting more and more adventurous every day. She absolutely loved all the snow we got this weekend and I had a hard time keeping her inside! 
Thank you SO much for bringing up such incredible puppies! I'm so excited to have Oakley home with me and looking forward to continue making memories with her for years to come!


Hi I adopted a puppy from you almost 5 years ago. Finnegan just turned 4 Jan 31st and he's been my best friend and stood by my side thru all my medical issues.  Thank you so much for my best friend! I would like to adopt another doodle from you in a few years!


I believe when we first met, I told you I had PTSD (I did not tell you why @ that time as I couldn't) It was from being Sexually Assaulted in a rural area out of state. Well, Ari could teach at a PTSD school! At first my meds were not right and she felt my anxiety when we were on the trail. It was hard for her! Now, my meds are correct, however I forget to take my noon meds. I trained Ari that @ 3pm to bring her snack slipper to the treat jar, and if I had not taken me meds, this was my reminder! I should take them @ noon and I have a Home Health Aid 4 days a week to remind me to take them @ noon. The last first time she brought her snack slipper over, I told her it was too early, then I looked @ the clock and it was noon! She somehow has picked up on this and "watches" "told" me it was time to take my noon meds! I don't leave the house without Ari, or a person. When I am out with Ari it is as if she senses what my fear is, and barks to let me be aware of any "man" coming around.

Ari is the smartest and most incredible dog I have ever know. I would not ever enroll her in a PTSD Therapy Class as she would teach the instructor a few things. I just want her to be Ari! She is my "best friend" and I believe we actually "communicate" both of our needs to each other! Before we brought her home, I would not even leave the house, this went on for months, and I was OK with it feeling safe. I've ventured out a little at a time, BECAUSE OF ARI!  Ari has literally helped me with PTSD (without any training), and she has helped me on the long road to recovery. (She's better than any drugs!) and no side effects from ARI! Thank You for Ari, together we are gaining our freedom, and sense of security back! She is indeed wonderful! Oh, I forgot to mention, She is trained to "find my phone" when I loose it (can be daily), and not a tooth mark on it!
I guess, I just wanted to say I can't thank-you enough for my best friend Ari!



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